Reigniting our High Streets

Guildford and our villages have many high streets and commercial centres that need support and attention. I have launched the Guildford Forum for issues in Guildford Town and will launch a forum for sustainable transport in the future.


Angela visits Boots on Guildford High Street

Angela recently visited Boots on Guildford High Street to see one of our community pharmacies in action.

She met with Jo Ramsden, Samantha Grieve and Nana Prempeh to discuss the role of pharmacies in local healthcare and learn more about the Our Future Health project.

Angela asks the Prime Minister about Surrey Day and our high streets

Angela had an opportunity to ask the Prime Minister about Guildford's high streets with Surrey Day coming up this weekend. Angela regularly hears from businesses that higher parking charges as well as increases in rental and energy costs are making things tougher for them.

Angela visits Nationwide on Guildford High Street

Angela had the pleasure of meeting the team at Nationwide on Guildford High Street, getting to look around the branch and learn about the support that they provide to their members and to the local community.