My Plan for Guildford, Cranleigh and our Villages

  • Getting Guildford Moving

    The government has accepted that air pollution from the A3 in our area is the worst in the country. I will continue to press to tunnel the A3 at Guildford; less pollution, less noise, fewer delays.

  • Tackling Flooding Together

    From Worplesdon to Cranleigh, people say that surface and river floods need to be fixed. So I’ve re-instated the Guildford Flood Forum to bring the councils, Thames Water and residents together. We will address the blight of flooding.

  • Reigniting our High Streets

    Guildford and our villages have many high streets and commercial centres that need support and attention. I have launched the Guildford Forum for issues in Guildford Town and will launch a forum for sustainable transport in the future.

  • Protecting our Green Spaces

    Our green spaces in Guildford in our villages are precious and once they are gone, they are gone. I will work with the council and government to ensure that we keep our area's green while balancing local housing need.

  • Safety of Women and Girls

    I will prioritise the safety of women and girls in our area. I want to see a Local Action Plan for women and girls' safety from the council and I will work with Surrey Police to make sure this remains a key priority.